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Thousands of computers now infected with ‘WannaCry’ ransomware

A ransomware program first discovered on the 12th of May has now infected upwards of 200,000 computer systems around the world, various news outlets report. Dubbed ‘WannaCry’, the trojan virus operates by holding an infected computer’s file hostage with a demand for payment, typically with cryptocurrency like bitcoin. The first demanded ransom is $300. If the victim does not pay Continue Reading...

Ransomware Victims Encouraged to Report Infections to FBI

Earlier this year, we discussed how ransomware could very well be your biggest threat online this year. As a recap, ransomware is software maliciously installed on a computer or server that effectively encrypts all files, and subsequently demands payment (generally via digital currency like Bitcoin) to unlock those files to make them accessible again. There are all sorts of varieties Continue Reading...

How Ransomware Might Be Your Biggest Threat Online This Year

Ransomware. It’s one of those words you’ve probably heard before, but haven’t given much thought to. But considering the fact that you’re one of the estimated three billion users of the Internet around the world (according to Time), it’s something you’ll certainly want to familiarize yourself with. Defined simply, ransomware is malicious software which will effectively hold your computer(s) hostage until a ransom Continue Reading...