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Why Do Companies Colocate Their Servers and Services?

Over the past few years, many companies have been taking advantage of cloud-based services. It makes a lot of sense to do so, as cloud-based services often come at a lower price point and don’t have the maintenance overhead that locally hosted services usually have when you factor in hardware and end user support among other concerns. However, when moving Continue Reading...

The Benefits of Managed Firewalls and Security

Data loss is a subject that’s come up more and more in the news recently, and it’s an issue that’s certainly not going to go away any time soon. Thankfully, many companies have addressed concerns on their end by upgrading their network security, implementing employee policies, and instituting strict (but helpful) BYOD standards. Still, though, the aspects of data theft, Continue Reading...

Providing Data Center and Colocation Services to Massachusetts and Rhode Island

We’re starting to see a bit of an interesting dynamic when it comes to increasing bandwidth connectivity and cloud services with our clients here in New England. Larger (and less expensive) bandwidth links are helping businesses move to more cloud services, however there are still a number of servers and services that companies like to maintain first hand control over. Continue Reading...

T1 Connections for Internet and Data services

Dedicated T1 service has been a core offering of ours since the beginning of the company, and is still one of our most popular services among businesses who require mission-critical Internet access. Even with other lower cost, higher bandwidth services available, many firms still choose to trust their networks to T1 connections. The biggest benefit to T1 service has always Continue Reading...

Our Referral and Value Added Reseller (VAR) Programs

Over the years we’ve been able to bring on a large amount of customers simply through referrals – there’s no better testimonial or advertisement than word of mouth! Many times, a happy client will tell other businesses in their building or association about their relationship with us, and make the introduction. One of our biggest sources of referrals has come Continue Reading...

Proactive Network Monitoring for T1, Metro Ethernet, Servers and More

As part of our basic service, we proactively monitor the 24×7 uptime status for all of our dedicated leased lines, including T1, Metro Ethernet, and MegaNet Business Wireless connections. We’re able to monitor the uptime status of the physical connection, as well as the equipment on the customer’s side of the circuit. In addition to those bandwidth connections, we also Continue Reading...

Keeping Your Data and Clients Protected and Secure

We’ve talked about the importance of data security a number of times here on on blog, because it’s crucial that businesses help protect themselves, and their clients. Our 20117 Ready site has a number of services and items that any business should look into in order to be compliant with various laws and regulations; that site was specifically set up Continue Reading...

Why Aren’t Small and Medium Businesses Using Data Backup Services?

Losing data is an inevitable situation when your business uses computers nearly every day, all day long. Data backup services are the easiest way to help protect a company’s digital property when used on an ongoing basis. Backing up daily to a cloud data backup service, or to a local backup system, is critical to business continuity. Yet, with so Continue Reading...
Security Notice (08/29/2022): Some customers have reported receiving emails purporting to be Meganet Communications requesting their username and password. As is always the case, we will NEVER request this information from you, and these phishing emails can be safely deleted, both in this case and any future occurrences.