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Three Reasons Your Business Should Use Metro Ethernet

Internet access has come a long way in just the past 15 years. Companies have a wide range of Internet access options to choose from, based on their network needs and budget, unlike “the good old days” when just about everyone was using dialup access. Businesses have gone from seeing the Internet as a potentially useful tool to considering it Continue Reading...

Is Metro Ethernet More Cost Effective Than T1 Service?

Thanks to the decreasing costs of fiber, Metro Ethernet service has quickly become one of the fastest and best selling methods of mission critical Internet access. Businesses that have been using T1 in any number of setups (including single, bonded, and load balanced) are moving to Metro Ethernet for the increased speeds, and businesses that used other services for the Continue Reading...

Metro Ethernet Speeds and Uses

Metro Ethernet is quickly becoming one of the more popular bandwidth services for businesses, especially those who need a large amount of bandwidth in mission-critical situation (that is, their business relies on their Internet access). Metro Ethernet helps provide an upgrade path from single or bonded T1 services at a great price level that even a few years ago wasn’t Continue Reading...
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