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Why Is QoS Important for Digital Voice Service?

Quality of Service, also known as QoS, is an important factor businesses need to consider when they are implementing a new Digital Voice or VoIP solution for their phone services. To break it down very simply, QoS is a network protocol that makes sure voice packets are given the highest priority within a local network, as well as at the Continue Reading...

Three Benefits of an Independent Telecom

One of the very first questions our account representatives get asked when working with a new client is “Why should we work with you instead of with a larger national-based Internet and phone service provider like (insert big company name here)?” Regardless of the services being discussed, whether it’s Metro Ethernet, Hosted PBX, Ethernet over Copper, or server colocation, customers Continue Reading...

Important: The Verizon Strike and your MegaNet Service

Earlier this morning, approximately 40,000 Verizon union workers went on strike after they weren’t able to reach a new contract agreement with the company. While Verizon has stated that it has trained non-union employees to cover the jobs and duties of the employees on strike, based on our past experiences with telecom work stoppages, the coverage will not be able Continue Reading...

Ethernet over Coax – A Customer Scenario

Many companies have been taking advantage of Ethernet services over the past few years when it comes to increasing Internet bandwidth speeds. Metro Ethernet, which is delivered over fiber, has been one of the most popular commercial Internet services we offer here at MegaNet over the last 3 years. Ethernet over Copper is quickly growing in popularity as well, particularly Continue Reading...

Top Ways To Protect Your Company From Data Loss

Data loss. Security breach. Intrusion attempts. Hacking. These words can make any business owner, head of IT, or manager shudder with fear. While major websites or retailers being hacked and having their customer data stolen (or shared online) makes the news, in reality businesses of all sizes are being hacked on a daily basis. Companies with less than 100 employees Continue Reading...

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