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The importance of keeping your software up to date

Take a look at the software you use every day. When is the last time you’ve updated it? For many, keeping software up to date is not a priority – because as some say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Our technical support team runs into all types of software when troubleshooting with customers, and it’s not at all Continue Reading...

Managing your passwords the right way

Passwords. You probably have a significant number of them. One for your Facebook. Another for email. Yet another one to log into your bank account. How does one effectively manage all of his/her passwords? It can be a complex undertaking – especially keeping track of which password is used for each service. But there is a way to keep organized, Continue Reading...

Improving your telephone experience with Hosted PBX

While a good amount of business today is conducted over the Internet, there are times that you just need to pick up the phone and make a call. And with antiquated telephone systems in use all over, you may find that experience in itself to be frustrating. But telephony as we know it has transformed by leaps and bounds with Continue Reading...

Metro Ethernet: A solid choice for businesses

It probably goes without saying that conducting business today can be very difficult without reliable internet access, and yet, scores of businesses around the world make do with sub-par connections. From slow T1 to DSL connections, businesses are putting up with slow speeds and antiquated technologies when they shouldn’t have to. But these businesses should know that superior options like Continue Reading...

The best time to back up your data is now

Did you know that 49% of businesses do not backup their data on a daily basis? Further, did you know that 49% of businesses have reported data loss during some time in the past two years? Startling, isn’t it? So if you fall into either statistic, and you’re wondering when it’s time to get your business set up on a Continue Reading...

Hosted Solutions That Can Reduce Your Overhead

Have you given any thought to how much you’re spending on keeping your critical business functions alive? Phone systems, email, web sites, and more. Many businesses choose to host all of these services on-site. But there’s a less expensive and more reliable way to ensure your business keeps in touch with the world with incredible reliability. Hosted solutions. To explain Continue Reading...

Keeping your email account secure

As 2016 wraps up, we would just like to remind you to please take steps to ensure that your email accounts stay safe and secure in the new year. 1. Please remember that we here at Meganet will never send you an email asking you for your password. Nor will we ever send you link asking you to update your Continue Reading...

Office 365 and Hosted Exchange: Which is right for you?

There’s no doubt about it; email is a crucial part of any business in today’s day and age. But did you know that some of the best options available to you can also be some of the most affordable? There’s no reason at all why you should settle for sub-par email products – particularly during this busy time of year. Enter Continue Reading...

Encrypting outgoing email with TLS

These days, it’s become commonplace to transmit sensitive information via email. For users looking for added security, Meganet Communications offers SMTP TLS encryption for outgoing mail. As a note, the following is applicable to users who use Meganet’s main mail servers. You use these services if: You check your email on or… You use a mail client and your outgoing Continue Reading...
Security Notice (08/29/2022): Some customers have reported receiving emails purporting to be Meganet Communications requesting their username and password. As is always the case, we will NEVER request this information from you, and these phishing emails can be safely deleted, both in this case and any future occurrences.